View Full Version : Antibiotic resistanct bacteria in coral and fish.

01-18-2013, 02:40 PM

This article is flawed in its assumption that quarantining will be helpful in reducing the transmission of antibiotic resistant bacteria. Resistant bacteria are an extreme risk to humans because were you to become infected there is a limited or non-existent arsenal of drugs that can be used.

The only way to prevent this problem is to get rid of resistant bacteria. We need to end farming practices that allow usage of antibiotic when animals are uninfected. Many antibiotics have growth promoting properties and so corporate farmers put them in their feed to get growth while still being able to say "no hormones added". These are at high enough levels to make it into our oceans and streams. Cheap meat is killing our environment.

Doctors need to quit prescribing antibiotics for viral infections as they do nothing for this, but most people won't leave the office until they are given a medication. If you do have a bacterial infection, finish the entire dose even if you feel better to prevent resistance.

Institutions and people need to quit using sanitizers indiscriminately as well. All of that hand sanitizer and antibiotic soap is building up in our environment. Europe and Canada are in the process of banning Triclosan which somehow managed to find its way into everything. Regular soap and water works just and it doesn't ruin your bodies natural barriers to infection.

The question I would also want answered is how much resistance is being generated by the distributor. If you hold fish in medicated water for too short a period of time you greatly increase the likelihood of resistance occurring.

Even if not resistant, most of the infections that we can get from fish are nasty in their own regard(vibrio, mycobacteriu) so one should always take the usual precaution around our aquariums. The stakes are just higher now.