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03-04-2010, 08:47 PM
I have always been fascinated with saltwater aquariums, but never dreamed that I would have a reef of my own. I started around 10 years ago with a 30 gallon tall with eclipse hood that my wife bought me for Christmas (big mistake :laugh: ). I stared at that tank every night and saw new life appearing all the time without adding a thing. After staring at that tank and seeing my few soft corals and fish doing well, which I attribute to countless hours reading countless posts at Reefcentral every single day and being laid off from work ,I started looking for my first upgrade! Well I found a complete 120 setup for cheap. Way bigger than I was looking for, but an awesome tank , so off I was to southern Virginia to get it!

I asked a friend to come along and help me so we left my house at 6:00 am. We had a great time joking and taking in the sights the whole way ther, but inside I was nervous. What the heck am I getting myself into?! I hope we can handle it. I hope we can fit it all. My mind just wouldn't stop! We got there around 1:00, walked in and saw the tank, WOW, not only is this thing big, but we will have some job breaking it down. The owner of the tank had moved out of the apartment 3 months prior across country and left it to be sold by his friend who I was told would help me, Wrong! LOL. The tank was 3/4 full from evaporation, sump was shut down and not drained, but the tank had 1 powerhead to keep watermovement on the liverock, one heater and the lights hadn't been on since the owner left. We drained everything down and carried both the rock and water down one and a half flight of stairs by buckets where I staged everything in a couple of coolers and buckets. After we carried the tank, stand, canopy, sump, and light fixture to the truck, things got tight! We used every nook and cranny possible. The sump went in the stand, misc hardware went in the sump, hood was turned upside down to pack the coolers in it, we packed everything in the bed of the F-150 and even had to take a few things into the cab with us, but the two of us got it all in only 4 hours! LOL

By the time we grabbed a quick bite for dinner and drove, we arrived back home at 11:00pm. My wife had a few too many with her friend while I was gone and was drunk (LOL) and my friend tried to bail on me, but I still had to unload! I managed to get him to place the tank on the stand with me and then he left. My wifes friend left thinking I was mad at her and my wife was useless at this point, so I was on my own! I carried everything else into the house, leveled the stand, emptied the sand, liverock and water into the tank, put the heater and powerheads in it and rummaged through everything I had bought from this guy and finally went to bed at 4:00am.

03-04-2010, 08:49 PM
More to come....Stay tuned!

Oh and don't ask for pics right now, comp crashed with all my pics....Need to get it going again. I will post the pics as soon as I can! Patience my friends! Patience is needed in this hobby!

03-04-2010, 11:35 PM
Where are the pics!!!!!