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Thread: Powerhead ???

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    Powerhead ???

    Getting an 85gal 36x24x30

    Thinking of getting an MP40, is that enough or do I need an MP40 & MP10 or 2 MP40's???

    Thanks for the help!!!!

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    Depends on what your growing. If your doing softies and and lps 1 mp40 will work. Also is the 30 inches the depth if so you will have a hard time keeping sps all over with that aquatic life t5 fixture. There are only a few t5 fixtures that will grow sps at that depth and keep them colored up.
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    don't really know what i am going to grow yet? Will need lots of help from you guys!!

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    Yes that is the depth of the tank

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    Has anyone heard anything about the Seio Surge "coming soon"?

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