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Thread: Hillbilly handfishin'

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    I was looking into getting my cert.. then tossed up the cost of gear and such.... the reef tank pretty much killed the idea... so now i have a reef and a swimming pool .

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    that is awesome.

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    and food for thought.... P.A. Fish and Game have more Authority then Any law enforcement in the state . They need no probable cause .. no warrants .. they will take your car... your boat... seize your house ... no phone calls .. no lag time... they still run by the law set back in the early days ... good thing tho is its legal to walk around in public with an Ice cream in your pocket . un like in other states .

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    Yea they sure act like it at least (won't say too much about them because hopefully I land a job with them next year lol) but the only reason its outlawed is for safety reasons and with goggles and never going alone those risks are diminished a lot. I'll always bring my rods anyway so I was merely just swimming

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    Swim with da fish... A whole new meaning

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    Well.... now that I know its illegal.... I wanna do it even more.... hahahhaha

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    so awesome!

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    Yea jeremy I promised to take out my girlfriend and her father and the holes we got them at last time they weren't there sooo. I need to find some more spots and then i'll give you a call and we'll go out some time.

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    Lol makes Me wanna hand fish

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