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    Doing a 90gal long build soon. Any lower priced "good"cameras out there??

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    i guess this is my cue???
    any dslr . .. cannon .. nikon , olymups. if you have the ability to change out lenses and manually adjust white balance your golden .. no need to hit the high line pro stuff . a few guide lines can go a long way .

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    Yes! lol I have a sony...but not sure i can change the lens or adjust anything. I'll have to look when i get home. U have any older stuff for sale?

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    Got the camera out its a Sony 15x 8.1 Any good Jimmy lenz?? I been taking pics but they dont look very good!!??!?!?!

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    Uuuummmm I use an Iphone - lol

    Keep looking into getting a "tank camera" but end up getting side tracked.

    My pics are not the best but you can tell what things are

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