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Thread: Neptune Systems WXM

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    Neptune Systems WXM

    Just installed the WXM (Wireless Expansion Module) to my apex. I'm pumped (no pun intended ) to be able to run my MP40s in different modes throughout the day!

    Anyone's else have one of these?

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    I have mine set up to change modes every few hours, plus nutrient export, and sleep mode at night. I also set the profiles to use different percentages of power.

    If you want the program, let me know

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    I haven't messed with it too much. Installed and up and running late last night and when I tried to update firmware my left MP40 errored so I had to reset that PH so it wasn't off until I can figure out the issue. Lol.

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    I had a lot of issues on initial set up. Working flawlessly now

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