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Thread: Problems with your "Enter Key" not working ?

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    Problems with your "Enter Key" not working ?

    Running Windows 8 Pro 64-bit, with the included IE 10. You can type whatever you want, but the enter key does not bring you down to the next line / line break (it does nothing).
    I've gone to having to use notepad to type field responses then copy and paste into the MDRC website editor.
    Until now !!!
    I've found out that this is a known Win IE 10 issue with V-bulletin and other chat forums.
    Also that a fix can be applied to the site to remedy the problem.
    Was wondering if anyone else is having the problem.
    If you are having this problem look to the URL address bar. To the right of the address you will see a magnify glass, a drop down arrow, then what looks like a torn piece of paper. This last one is the compatibility view button.

    Click on this and IE will re-config to the site and allow proper function.

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    So it was a site issue cuz it is so old it needed compatibility settings... hmmm makes sense lol... I'm glad you figured this one out

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