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Thread: Refugium / Sump / Water change system in my basement.

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    Refugium / Sump / Water change system in my basement.

    This is a 55 gallon Refugium / Sump and Water change system that is in my basement.

    The sump / refugium:
    The 125 gallon aquarium is upstairs on the 1st floor and this system is plumbed into my basement by 2 drain pies and 1 return pipe through the floor which is then split to the left and right side of the tank.
    The auto top off is on the left. Going toward the right I have the return pump, a Macro Algae Refugium section for Copepod / scud production and nitrate export, then further toward the right I have the skimmer, heater, an aqua clear that only holds a bag of carbon, a phosphate reactor, and overflow output / drain.
    Above it I have a UV sterilizer, and an auto doser. The skimmer is plumbed into the utility sink and auto drains once it reaches the highest level of the exit tube.

    Water Change system:
    On the far right I have 1 of the dual overflow pipes plumbed to a utility sink. My premixed salt water is in a 40 gallon trash can to the right. I can turn on a pump in the trashcan to send new salt water to the return area of the sump, and then open the valve for the utility sink overflow pipe. This allows me to send new water to the left side of the tank upstairs while at the same time drain old water from the right side of the tank since I have dual return vales on the tank. This is accomplished by turning off the right side of the split return upstairs by a vale.

    I send new water into the tank upstairs while taking old water out and keep the same water level during the whole process. This whole system helps me keep stability by reducing any swings.

    The tanks on the bottom are just quarantine / hospital tanks.

    The light cycle is reverse daytime and does not stay on all the time as I believe that even macro algae grows better with a rest period.

    ... and there is a RO water unit that is plumbed directly to the top off holding tank with a float valve, and to the trashcan - also with a float valve - in addition to a timer on the utility sink to prevent any kind of flooding.

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    Nice! A utility sink is the one thing i really wish i had for my basement.

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    That is one sweet set up!

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    Very interesting.

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    Nice setup! Now when can I come see it? 😁

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    Very nice! My has to all go under the stand. I wish that I had that option.

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