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    Well, my 3rd and final Jaebo pump #@!#@!#@!#@! the bed. After poking and prodding at it and the others, it seems to be a failure of the motor assembly itself. The impeller spins freely, and the control box seems to be working. I will never buy another Jaebo product again. I will advise others if they are thinking about getting them to think really long about what type of pump they would then want in 9 months, because that seems to be all these are good for. Searching the net comes back with MANY similar stories. It just seems odd to me that out of 3, only 1 made it to a year of use. They are cleaned regular. I don't know how a bundle of coiled wire sealed inside of a plastic shell can fail, but it is where the failure is. I would figure the impeller or control unit would die first. What a crock of #@!#@!#@!#@!.
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