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Thread: Squatch's 40g Breeder.

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    I have a Caribbean pistol shrimp and a yellow watchman goby, the paired up as soon as I put them in the tank a year ago.
    I had all my rock on top of the sand (big mistake)
    They tunneled absolutely everywhere together and my rock slowly sank and broke in certain areas as they did this...
    End result is...all my rock work is on the bottom now (and I didn’t do it, they did)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bradysmill View Post
    End result is...all my rock work is on the bottom now (and I didn’t do it, they did)
    I have had various burrowing critters over the years, recently a mantis shrimp. I decided to stay with the bare-bottom until I replace this tank, though I will be getting something that builds in the future.

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    Recent photos. Nothing really outstanding, but everything is growing well.

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    been out of town for work the last 2 months. The only care has been topoff and filter changes. My wife did great. She even changed out the sump pump when it failed.

    I got new lights, and installed them this morning.

    I have a lot of green cyphestra & pink poccii for free to a good home or trades.

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    Looking good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jrhaughey View Post
    Looking good.
    Lockdown photograph updates:


    Blue Ridge coral: tissue started receding on the "plate" when I was out of town working. Seems to have stopped for now.

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    I NEED Crabs badly. Hermits especially.

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