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Thread: Squatch's 40g Breeder.

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    Well, my 3rd and final Jaebo pump #@!#@!#@!#@! the bed. After poking and prodding at it and the others, it seems to be a failure of the motor assembly itself. The impeller spins freely, and the control box seems to be working. I will never buy another Jaebo product again. I will advise others if they are thinking about getting them to think really long about what type of pump they would then want in 9 months, because that seems to be all these are good for. Searching the net comes back with MANY similar stories. It just seems odd to me that out of 3, only 1 made it to a year of use. They are cleaned regular. I don't know how a bundle of coiled wire sealed inside of a plastic shell can fail, but it is where the failure is. I would figure the impeller or control unit would die first. What a crock of #@!#@!#@!#@!.
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    The wrasse has been looking terrible for a few weeks. Just terrible. In the last 3 days it vanished, and I knew this was coming. I used a flashlight late last night after the lights went out and looked for a dog-pile of hermit crabs, and found some, but couldn't see what they were doing. This afternoon, I looked again, and there is certainly a dead fish. I am planning on a water change tommorrow, and I will get it out if I can. If not, its not the worst thing that has ever died and rotted in my tank, infact I don't think I have ever removed a fish. It is like a horror novel. They go in, and never come out.

    Lifespan on a wrasse is varied due to many circumstances, but looking back over my timetables, I found a photo & reference to this fish in 04-2016 after the mantis shrimp died. From what I read, they have a short shelf life in tanks, and frankly I think my tank was too small for this type of fish. I don't have much luck with fish, and I still hate them. I have clown fish that don't seem to like any of my 4 anemones, and a cardinal that dislikes other cardinals.

    On the up side, I can get rid of the wrasse "sleeping box" that is filled with sand. I remember joking about how it looked like a FEMA coffin. I can't wait to clear out all the sand it has kicked out of its box.

    Here is a fun photo I found of the fish sleeping oddly 05-22-2017

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    Monthly update.

    I didn't change my water for over a month. I got lazy & had a terrible cold nearly all of the last 2 weeks. Normally I am doing 10 gallon every 3 weeks, but this time it was 5 or 6. Hell, it may have been 7 or 8. I also stopped dousing vinegar as I normally do, so I had some algae. Tank shined up nice and took a few hours this afternoon. Nothing too serious. Since the wrasse died, I could take out the sleeping container and finally have a basic bare-bottom "berlin" style w/skimmer that I always enjoy. Easy to keep clean. If I had crushed coral or sand, I guarantee it would be a mess. I added another powerhead just to get water moving around more, as I think part of my algae issue is lack of water movement.

    Tank is coming up on 4 years since setup, and I am looking at "upgrading" soon. I would love a 4' tank, and am looking at getting a 75g, but I hate to think about 15+ gallon water changes every 3 weeks. Some days I get bored with it. I have no room to get any more corals aside from things on the bottom of the tank. I doubt I will be getting any new livestock in the next 6 months, but may look at getting some more fish. I don't want any fish that cause issues, and damsels are in my price range, but I hate when they get territorial. Do they make a 4' 40-50 gallon tank that is cost effective?

    I have a frag rack that is full of pocci. Anyone that wants some contact me via PM. you can have it. I NEED to get rid of it. IF I can't get rid of it, perhaps someone would be interested in selling it at a frag swap for, though I would prefer giving them away. Does MDRC want to put some of them in a raffle or give them away in some way at the next swap? I thought about getting a stand at an upcoming swap, but what I have to offer is not impressive in any way. It would be a joke seeing me trying to sell dozens of yellow pocci frags for any price.

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