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Thread: Squatch's 40g Breeder.

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    Sorry to hear this. You might want to buy some Dr Tim's or another bacteria population to try to get the beneficial bacteria built back up. I had SPS issues last year and I know it can ruin the hobby for you. It took about 9 months for me to get straightened out and I am still not positive on why it happened. Just stick with it and know you have some people willing to help.

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    Sorry to hear about your crash, I lost a couple of colonies about 4 months ago when my main circulation pump died and my tank got down to about 67 degrees. Was seriously bummed out and the coral that did survive are only now starting to color back up to what they were before the failure. This hobby can be punishing at times.

    One thing I have learned the hard way in this hobby is to not try and save money by purchasing cheap equipment. I've had the same experience you did with Jebao pumps and have regretted cheap heaters and pumps that I have purchased in the past.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigJim View Post
    Just stick with it and know you have some people willing to help.
    I enjoy sharing the joys and failures of the hobby as much as the hobby itself. I think that I am pretty relaxed about the hobby as a whole. "Worst case scenario" is much much worse than what I experienced....all the water is still in the tank. Over the years I have grown from loving the tanks in my home to tolerating them. I know that If I didn't have one, I would want one. But, I also know that sometimes I hate having it. I am always honest about my hatred of fish. I just like the idea of keeping something foreign but beautiful in a glass box...the wife says no to scorpions and lizards so I am limited.

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    Sorry to hear about your crash
    Its all good my friend. I hate knowing that things died, but I question if there was any way I could have prevented it.

    Everything in the tank that is not a Pocci or Stylo is recovering well. Acans look like they did months ago, and are eating like normal. The blue ridge seems fine. My anemones don't look any worse for the wear. I question if it was the magnets now, as I think that other more "sensitive" corals would have died first. The 3 most hearty colonies of pocci are totally gone from the way it looks with a few random surviving polyps here and there. I have medium sized rock with palys/zoas on it, and they look as they usually do (declining and vanishing).There are parts of pocci and stylo that are alive, and recovering from the look of it. I don't plan on replacement at all, but I will just continue to frag and shift around whatever I have. I know a few weeks ago I was complaining to my wife about lack of room and scheming for a larger tank. This pretty much solved the problem. I will continue to have a good time with what I have. I like the look of the stylo better than the pocci any day, but the pocci would kill it on contact....I am hoping that enough survives and recovers that I can get a few frags and spread it out. In a way I wish I could figure out what happened....People would pay good money to destroy nearly every pocci in their tank.

    I looked over past purchases, and calculate my losses around $100. Pocci are cheap. They are impossible to get rid of, and I think I am one of the few people who go out of my way to buy them. If I ever get more of them, I certainly won't be getting the green ones. They grow too fast, and are so common that the only way to get rid of them is to kill them. In all of this, somehow my male clownfish has finally found an anemone. This in itself was a great thing. I love seeing how happy he looks just rolling around in it. I think it adds value to the enjoyment knowing that though tank raised from immature specimens, they still manage some bit of instinct to find out their symbiotic relationship.

    More updates at a later time as things progress. Thanks for reading along! Ill try to get a good picture because I like to share the aftermath with all my friends in the club.

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    Pocci is amazing in it's ability to survive. I have a small colony/frag that is currently growing out on my overflow. I think it may be purple but it's a bit difficult to tell right now because it is still so tiny. The kicker is that I don't remember *ever* having Pocci in my tank but some how or another a larvae of it got in and has setup shop. I thought it was a weird bit of algae or something like that until it finally sprouted out a branch.

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    It is actually something of an accomplishment to wipe it out in a tank. If it didnít spread randomly, Iíd probably have it in my tank.

    Glad to hear things are looking better.

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    I did a huge change of water today. I removed a few dead skeletons and really cleaned the bottom off. I also pulled out just about every rock that is not required or has something growing on it. It really opened up the tank, and it looks better than the pile of rubble. The tank has been a mess, and pretty much ignored the last few weeks. I am noticing that I have less and less time for the tank, and I am due for new lights and/or bulbs.

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    I am getting pumped for the swap on Saturday. Everything in the tank is well fed, clean and happy. It looked really crisp today, so I took some pictures. One of the "oddities" that I noticed since the crash a few months back is that there are nearly no starfish. I have to look to find them, whereas before they were everywhere. Will they mass die off?

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    I changed some lights around. blues for the late part of the day until night time. The colors look outstanding under these colors. Why didn't I try that earlier? All I had to do was to flip 2 plugs on the timers, and improvements. Took some pictures before during and after feeding, so 56k warning. Some pictures are newer pieces I picked up at the swap that haven't died yet. The tank is somewhat in flux. 2 weeks ago I removed some rocks, and this week I plan to get some more during the water change. I would eventually like having a watchman goby and a pistol shrimp. I think I can make a decent play area to watch that nonsense go on. Id like to get a mix of rubble and crushed coral to keep it interesting.


    Blue ridge coral after eating. Polyps are closed up.

    Cyphestra going wild.

    Scroll coral:

    Cali tort. It is low in the tank right now. I am looking for a forever home for it.

    Lepto. Sitting on a frag disc thing...potentially forever.

    Both the tort & lepto I picked up at the swap from Jkeim. They look great and I will try not to kill them too quickly.

    New anemone - From our friend onegreenray. This thing is huge already, and has moved quite a bit from where I wanted it. I almost caught it on a piece of rubble, but I got lazy, and it seems that it is going to stay attached to this large rock.

    Old anemone #1.

    Purple acan before and during eating. In the background you can see a smaller acan I picked up at the swap, and it is 5-6 small heads on a whiteish sort of acan.

    Red acan. This one is pretty amazing looking. It may have every visible color of the rainbow in it.

    I got both of my acans at last year's spring swap, and they got huge. The red one was only 2 small heads. The purple one had a few as well. Both are doing amazing. They always are hungry, and will always eat any meat they can fit in their hole.
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    A few days ago I finally got to removing the rocks I wanted to (3 months planning)and wanted to simplify my life. I pulled out out unused rocks, and the eggcrate bottom on the tank. I finally got over the finger prints on the bottom glass. The tank is barebottom for the time being. Ill get some photos later today when the lights aren't so bright.

    Don't be bums. Go call your dad if possible and wish him happy fathers day.

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    My pink pocci had a few dead spots. This one always grew dense, and I am shocked it survived this long. I cut out quite a bit, and made plugs.

    I wanted to move some rocks out, and others around to accommodate an area for anemones, and one for corals. In the end I decided on removing the plastic eggcrate I had the rockwork sitting on, and a few days in and I am really liking the "Barebottom" look. I still have crushed coral floating around, but it was worth a long afternoon. I should have done this as intended back when I set it up a year and a half ago. Part of my decision was in crafting a diy frag rack out of eggcrate, only to find out that it was a slightly differently sized square, and I saw it as a waste of the afternoon. My frag rack worked as intended in the end. I have to get some quick growing basic corals to spice up this tank. I lost 1/3 of my space to anemones, and have moved one bare rock to the center to be decorated.

    If for some reason you want pink pocci talk to me.

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