I wanted to post some photos and a few stories. Ill try to keep it linear, but I have some bad adhd.

40 gallon breeder tank was purchased in 03-15 to store a few freshwater ciclids during a move. Turned out that the fish hated me, each other and apparently needed at least a 5" wide tank to not kill eachother. (m. auratis)

This was the biggest tank they were going to get, so the only option was adoption. In May they found new homes. The female I had put every Damsel to shame. She killed more than a few fish that were twice her size in our pond. Ciclids love it, they eat everything, they grow fast and their colors are amazing when its time to move them back inside.

I kept a reef up till 12ish years ago. Life got busy, and I had to give up a 75g. However I thought about what I liked about it, and what I did not.....the whole time. I did not like the "community" tank style. I had issues with fish I did not like, as well as the standard bullying.....2 damsel fish became blended anemone food over a dead hippo tang. I prefer the "single species" approach....especially with a tank as small as a 40 gallon.

Lots of diy went into it. I am cheap, and diy friendly. 3 of the rocks in my tank are agrocrete. for now they stick out like a sore thumb, but I plan on using zoas to cover it up. My only mistake was not waiting a bit for white portland cement.

Random corals in random states. Most of the frags were only done last night, so I left a mess. There is almost the same space on the back of my rocks as the front, so I can grow out most frags right on the substrate in the back. Some stuff I have to keep out of reach of the tanks main occupant. I had a hard coral tank years ago with MH lighting. Never had any zoas previously, and enjoy the look of them. I am trying to use nothing else to decorate this tank.

"Frag rack"

Sump is a baffled 10g tank inside of a 20 gallon. The 10 gallon did work, but was aweful close to overflowing if the power went out. I ended up drilling a hole in the side of it, and just setting it up a bit in the 20g.

This is the tanks main inhabitant. She is quite fun, but will use frags to decorate her burrow.

Currently running 3+ months. It looks more blue in photo than real life. I am sure I am missing something, so feel free to respond if you have a question.

As my frags grow out I will be looking to make trades.....I just found this site last night and was pretty pumped to see active users helping each other out. (One thread a pump died and another member offered to loan one out.....That is keeping it real) I am looking at keeping only zoas, so I expect to be polluted with them shortly. Some of them are already spreading out quite quick.