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Thread: Squatch's 40g Breeder.

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    You can never have too much flow in a bare bottom SPS. Blast them!

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    Quote Originally Posted by justinm View Post
    You can never have too much flow in a bare bottom SPS. Blast them!

    I figure they love "indirect". This applies to poccilipora and acro? Obviously softies are out. I could really get the water moving, and I have a 6 bulb light set that would fit perfect. If I can keep water quality, I can make some nice stumpy frags.

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    My Millis are inches away from my MP40s getting blasted. Keep things simple and they will grow.

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    I built a very tall stand for this tank. I like not bending over to look at it, and I kept it "raw" with no finishing because it was tucked away in a back room of my old home.

    It is going prime-time at the new house, and will be a living room item. Most of you have living room fish tanks, and this will be my first since 2003 when I retired a 75 reef. This is it reset at the new place

    Last time I moved it was a huge pain in the ass, and I left a stand back at the house for craigslist. I just had no room or desire to cart both around. I made it tall enough that it could be a protective skid. I was glad this worked out, and we could stack heavy things on top of the skid. This works best with 36" tanks because of their awkward size and mass. They are not small tanks, and should usually be 2 man lifts.

    The plan is to skin the stand, but It will be a bit. I still have to level things. Just wanted to update.

    Technically I am moved. My other 90 gallon tank and all of its junk are still running in place. It is getting taken down on the 16th.

    I just got done moving yesterday. It was 2 weeks straight of organize-pack-storage-unpack-disorganize. My body is shot. My wife's body is shot. I get resentful really quick, so I don't ask for help because I would just get mad if people couldn't. It is short term, but I don't think its fair to me or them. My wife and I kicked ass, and we needed the exercise.


    Square base to floor
    Mount base to wall
    piping - designed.....caveats.

    I am going to do a 35 gallon water change again from my other tank, and use it a bit more then half of the system volume for this one.

    Once I get water flowing, I can test it out. From there I can transport items of interest from the DT in Harrisburg to this one an hour North. I won't be bringing the tang, which breaks my heart but the other livestock will be coming. I could see no humane way on my schedule to keep this awesome specimen happy. Fellow member Dmb092182 has a great setup that would be better than my own for this fish.

    The piping is going to be the dual single durso. I am going to run a check valve on the pump with a vacuum break. If the power goes out, it should be impossible to drain any significant volume of water from top to bottom.

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