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Thread: Squatch's 40g Breeder.

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    Sorry to hear this. You might want to buy some Dr Tim's or another bacteria population to try to get the beneficial bacteria built back up. I had SPS issues last year and I know it can ruin the hobby for you. It took about 9 months for me to get straightened out and I am still not positive on why it happened. Just stick with it and know you have some people willing to help.

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    Sorry to hear about your crash, I lost a couple of colonies about 4 months ago when my main circulation pump died and my tank got down to about 67 degrees. Was seriously bummed out and the coral that did survive are only now starting to color back up to what they were before the failure. This hobby can be punishing at times.

    One thing I have learned the hard way in this hobby is to not try and save money by purchasing cheap equipment. I've had the same experience you did with Jebao pumps and have regretted cheap heaters and pumps that I have purchased in the past.

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