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Thread: Squatch's 40g Breeder.

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    The other consideration is that I have LOTS of flow.

    I am down to 4 bulbs on the same schedule. It looks like the winners are: 1 actinic, 2 purple and 1 daylight. They are geissman bulbs, and it is time to change out. I will have to find the box, and see what I have available.

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    You can get baby clowns cheap these days. Larry Flint usually has them for $5. Get a mess of them and an anemone to give them something to play in.

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    I had to move the large yellow pocci from the left side to the right side. It was starting to exit the water, and tips were dying. I just replaced a ballast fans and bulbs in the light today after work.

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    Another pain in the ass is apparently decided to delete EVERY photo I ever uploaded. EVER. This is everything I have added to my reef log over the past 3+ years. Granted I have the images saved on my PC, but the time and energy required to re-upload them is so large that I won't even bother to try. I don't know what happened and emailed them, but I guess when you use free online image hosting, you will get the shaft.

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    I was at the swap yesterday, and after looking at all the great corals for sale I settled on a few colors of Acans. I have a perspective on livestock that is based on what lives and thrives vs what I want. I had one random Acan for quite a while, and in the last few months it has taken off. I figured that I would try a few more. The first thing I did was remove the plugs. I really REALLY hate frag plugs.....and when I moved I tossed out all my diy agrocrete frag rocks. Duh. I wasn't expecting to get any more corals for a few years. My tank is filling out nicely, and at this point all I can do is watch it grow.

    I have been outrageously busy with the point that I have no life. I decided to take Saturday off for the first time in 2 months, and was very glad I did. It was quite possibly one of the most fun days of my life.

    Here is a photo of my 3 acan varieties. The established colony is in the back, and the 2 additions are up front.

    The colors are very different from the rest of my tank, and I am looking forward to finding a better place for them after they get settled in. I probally won't move them from the sheltered spot for a few months. Once they start eating and growing I will find a better place....though It looks like I may be moving AGAIN toward the end of the year....this was expected and planned, but I am dreading it....This time I will be more ready then the last.

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    Nice acans. I especially like the ones in front.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigJim View Post
    Nice acans. I especially like the ones in front.
    Thanks. I like to watch them change colors over time. The ones in the back were more vibrant also. I never figured out how to intensify the colors, and they always get pretty tame looking over time. Wife and I loved them. The thing is, they were a totally different color I think under the lights at the show. I do love the surprise of seeing what color they are actually, and if they will survive the week.

    Feeding night. I overfeed, and over filter twice a week. I know that I need to feed them when the wrasse is eating a snail from the cuc. The new clownfish should help eat stuff. Filters come out tomorrow night for water change. no more then 3 frozen cubes and 3 krill w/selcon every week. This is one of each every other day. I run the internal pumps w/out the sump for a hour or 2 after feeding and the water is clear-ish. I pad up the filter, and strip any stuff out of the water. Heavy new carbon bags after every other feeding. I took some feed-time photos of the nightmare. Water change and bi-weekly scrubbing of the eggcrate is tommorrow.

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    Color is improving quickly, and without warning. It is hard to tell from photos, but new growth in the last few weeks is certainly much more vibrant.

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    Yesterday I got a frag rack
    Today I got some better timers for my lights.

    2 bulbs

    4 bulbs

    Timer settings:

    6.5 hours each set = 19.5 hours/day with 6 bulbs on for .5 hour

    09:30am on / 04:00pm off Rear pair t5
    12:30pm on / 07:00pm off Middle pair t5
    03:30pm on / 10:00pm off Front pair t5

    last week
    8 Hours for 2 sets, and 7.5 hours for 1 set = 23.5 hours/day with full set for 4 hours. I feel like this is too much.

    10:30am on / 06:30pm off Rear pair t5
    02:30pm on / 10:00pm off Middle pair t5
    10:30am on / 06:30pm off Front pair t5

    Previous to repairing hood

    it was just front and rear sets of lights doing 8 hours each set = 16 hours with 4 hours of overlap and various colors of bulbs except actinic.

    10:30am on / 06:30pm off Rear pair t5
    02:30pm on / 10:00pm off Front pair t5

    Id love to find some sort of DIY 120v timer w/ground that could control 3-4 outlets. I could run one plug to the hood, and have all the electronics hanging with it.

    I haven't really screwed around with the tank since the first week after it was setup from the transfer. Everything has recovered. I moved some rocks, and found some things I figured had died....somehow lived.

    I have a whole lot of mess going on down the back corner of the tank...Lots of green pocci & psammocora just gone wild.

    It was where I have been tossing neglected corals and some of them are spreading. There is some purple stylo and a few random pieces of monti.

    This is way over in the back corner of the otherside.

    I found 2 extra encrusting monti and a cyphestra living, and starting to look good. The cyphestra is growing on a big travertine tile. In a few weeks I can pop the rocks off and frag it out.

    The tank is officially out of control. I have no room for anything on top, because it will be covered in a year if I keep up with it. I honestly think having a bare bottom and heavy filters keeps it so clean.

    I have a few rocks to move yet on the right side, and I am going to try to get the big yellow/green pocci to tie into 2 other pieces of it so I don't have to worry about gluing it down again. It is getting heavy. There is a rock with a small bta on it. When I move that down (or out to a new home), I will attach the big yellow pocci one more time. I had to move it last time because the tips were getting dry. I also moved the blue ridge to the side. It seems content no matter where I put it. Its a really neat coral.

    Acans starting to get really nice colors.

    Random yuma that has survived years like this. It came from Stravo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SquatchXXL View Post
    Color is improving quickly, and without warning. It is hard to tell from photos, but new growth in the last few weeks is certainly much more vibrant.

    Looks great! The pinks are really popping.

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