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Thread: Squatch's 40g Breeder.

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    I have had a "to do" list for cheap things, and since the swap I got motivated. Most of my "issues" were outside the tank.
    I didn't like the light bulb configuration. I changed out to 3 true actinic, 1 blue actinic and 2 6700k. It shifts nicely from yellow to blue throughout the day. The last set of lights is Actinic and True actinic. I don't know what the difference is, but they look different from each other.

    All lights on:

    Timers are working great.

    All systems operate on 2 power switches now. Pumps are one set, and lights are the other. I have room for ONE more basic powerhead, and I was thinking about one of the smallest Jaebo with the wireless sync system. I don't dare add anything like this in the next 6 months. Things are going well & looking better then they have for quite a long time.

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    Tank is looking good. Starting to fill in nice. Keep up the good work and great write-ups.

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    Getting ready to clean the tank either later today or tomorrow early. I am planning on accidentally breaking some pieces as I try to remove every rock that is neither essential or has a coral on it. I can get a bit more space this way. There was stuff I wanted to keep wet when we moved, and I am finding it useless.

    I found my diy frag "discs". I am thinking that I will be removing a few branches from the large yellow pocci and I like the way they cover the random shapes better then plugs.

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    Yesterday I did a water change. ALSO I had a large yellow green pocci that would not stand up no matter how I tried to glue it.
    This yellow Pocci existed in my tank from a small frag. It may be the first branching coral I tried. Very fast growth. I could not find a way to support it safe any more without fear of it falling over AND an intense desire to make it stay where I put it.


    I ended up breaking it apart. There is LOTS of frags of it. I have them setting where they look somewhat natural.

    By evening, I gave up. I did glue as many pieces as I could and "arranged" things so I could clean the glass for a few weeks until the next water change.

    I moved the anemones where I can keep an eye on them. I bought 1, and I have 3. The smaller one has been sitting directly in the path of the wavemaker for 6 months. I got sick of looking at it like that. Some of its tentacles are smaller then the others.

    Tonight the tank looks good. Filters are working, and added fresh carbon.

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    The tank has really grown in. My pocci has spread everywhere in my tank. I now have a no pocci policy.

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    My wife got a new phone, and it takes photos under the blue light without as much haze.

    I think they are pretty fair to the actual look.

    I have been working 60 hours a week and have been doing 10g water changes every 2 or 3 weeks. I will be trying 5 gallons every 2 weeks and be solid with it starting today. I feed lightly, but if I need to do 10, I will know quickly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SquatchXXL View Post
    I will be trying 5 gallons every 2 weeks and be solid with it starting today. I feed lightly, but if I need to do 10, I will know quickly.
    To report back. Its been a while. I tried for a total of one month a 5 gallon/bi-weekly water change, and it did not go well. After the 5th week it was apparent that things were not going well. I discontinued my top off system and have had a very hands on approach to everything in order to be in total control. Algae began to take over, and one of my acans (the largest one) died out on me. Part of my issue was that one of my Jaebo PP pumps died. This is now 2 PP-15 that died. I changed things around, and now I have 1 small jaebo pp-8 in the back doing "wave" making, and 2 circulation pumps on either side. Only one is on at a time, and they are hooked up to a 4 hour timer each. One goes on, the other goes off. I know it is working because when I cleaned stuff today, there was very little detritus that came up with the baster. I like to blast the rocks with the turkey baster to clean off any sediment etc, and there was little to none. I will NEVER buy another Jaebo pump. I still have a working Mag Drive 5 from 1999-2000, and it still works. I retired it to my backup pump, but that just shows me what is made well, and what is made to sell.

    I then spent nearly 6 weeks after that getting back into 10g/biweekly and things are back to "normal" (minus one acan). One of my smaller pocci colonies started dying off in the tips, and has improved very very much. I was going to nip the tips that have algae on them, but it seems to be beating the little algae that remains. My left side has some of Jan's purple stylo, and it is losing the fight to the pink pocci. There is constant stinging polyps fully extended, and the stylo is losing. I may have to wack off a few branches and monitor it. It is so encrusted to the rocks, that there is no removal, only control.

    The tank is looking good again, and is back to being out of control. I am well past the point I ever thought I would be for coral propagation. Praise Neptune! I keep it simple, but I realize that the methods I use would not be cost effective for a larger tank. Salt mix is not cheap, but the space and time of mixing more then 10g/week would get old fast. It was the one thing I hated about my 90g. That is a whole lot of buckets.

    Stravo hooked me up with this "Blue Ridge" coral maby 2 years ago. It is so resilliant. It got covered in algae, and like always it just sheds it off, and the polyps come out. Very interesting species.

    This started dying during my attempt at smaller water changes. This has grown so slowly, and I don't expect it to ever recover. I don't even know what kind of coral it is. I assume a monti, because it is growing slowly.

    Jan's Purple stylo and a few various pocci. You can see the one with algae on its tips.

    I bought this Acan at the last Swap meet at TFP. I was confused on the price, and spent double what I understood for 2 heads....$30/head...not $30 for the frag....but in that short time it has expanded out with at least 5 new heads, and is very fast growing. I am very pleased with it, and it eats well. Id love to have a tank bottom covered with these things just for food control.

    In addition:
    I currently have a boatload of yellow/green pocci frags. At last count I think its well over a dozen mounted on small frag rocks, and the potential for fresh clippings of 40+ more frags. ANYONE who is a member or not is welcome to frags whenever under SWAP rules.....Not that I think there is a market for green pocci.

    Also, my RBTA situation is being monitored. I started with one about a year and a half ago, and now I have 4. The clowns have not found them yet, and I am about to print a photo and tape it to the tank, as it worked for me with other clowns in the past.
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    Thatís for the update. I have always been on the fence about the frequency for water changes. I have seen what you describe with more frequent changes. Itís the exact opposite effect that youíre looking for. Iím probably doing 15% water changes once a month.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jrhaughey View Post
    That’s for the update. I have always been on the fence about the frequency for water changes. I have seen what you describe with more frequent changes. It’s the exact opposite effect that you’re looking for. I’m probably doing 15% water changes once a month.
    I have been in this hobby since the 1999, and one thing I have always learned is that a fish tank when well loved is like a leather glove. It fits your hand, and no one elses. I don't chase numbers, hell I don't even have a test kit of any kind. I bought a few once and never used them. I make sure my water is 1.024-1.025 with my cheap float style hydrometer. If I was chasing numbers, I would rip my hair out. I learned over the years to watch the corals. They tell me things. One of the more resilient species I have is the purple stylo, and it seems that when things get off, it is the first thing to look poor. It starts by not extending its polyps. The only time it acts like that is when I trim it, and it acts irritated for about 2-3 weeks after clipping. The same rule applies for water quality, and in the last 2 weeks it started to look well again. I don't have a quality skimmer, but I modded the cheapo thing enough that it produces great skimmate, but needs regular cleaning of the venturi. With me sticking with berlin style, the skimmer is not essential, but is doing something, and was cheap enough to justify it just for its ability to add some oxygen to the water. In any given month I should be changing out 1/2 of my total water volume....I have pondered getting one of the 60 gallon tanks that has the same footprint as the 40. My success is totally dependent on my salt mix. I still add trace kalk + vinegar, but now its daily. I use tap water for water RO-DI. My well water is very pure with only trace amounts of iron, and it doesn't even show half the time it was tested for. I top off with distilled or ro/di depending on my feelings. Nothing scientific about it. Whatever I am doing is causing pocci to grow like weeds. Some time in the near future I would like to get some cheapo plating monti-caps. NO YELLOW. My tank is half yellow, and I hate it lol. Anyone outside of our hobby sees it and is impressed....The rest of us know that its a tank full of cheap coral, but it flourishes.

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    The tank is looking good. I also tried to cut back on water changes recently with poor results.

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