So I just got done hooking up and adjusting my Sea Sweeps. I have two of them on a 4 foot tank. I mounted them to the sides. WOW! I am so impressed. When they say that there will be no dead spots, they mean it. It is stirring all kinds of stuff up on a bare bottom tank. Very impressed. If you have considered it and have not bit the bullet yet, Put it on your must have equipment list.

I will be getting another one for my other tank. I think that this in combination with a Gyre is what I need. The Gyre is just one set direction of flow and I need the turbulence I think that I am now getting in my other tank.

Thank you Ed at

Great customer service, great price, helped our club with a group buy. Prompt repsonse to emails. Very pleased folks. One day you will all have to come see them in action