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Thread: Nkicks1 155g Peninsula

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    Cool! I definitely noticed a difference adding T5 to my Kessils. It took me a while to figure out the right combination of T5 duration and Kessil intensity though.

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    Well, its been some time. 7 months? Tank got a complete reset and ive dropped leds all together atm. Radions got benched and i opted to solely use the t5 giesmann 4' 8 bulb unit i received. Re cured a bunch of rock and created a 3 island scape down the middle of the tank. With the help of many of our great members i started to seed the tank again with frags back in November 2017. Growth has been great to start! The t5 unit has peak par at the talled rock structure around 375 and the top of the 2 shorter structuers between 250 and 280. I was expecting more par out of this unit as my 3' ATI fixture with 6 bulbs on my frag tanks actully puts out slightly more par with smaller bulbs and 2 less! After following closly to the BRS recommations 200-350 is more then enough to grow sps and the results are showing. Maybe some reef brites in future, as i want some blue led pop back.


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    Looking good.

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    Nice stick collection!

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