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Thread: Custom Apex Breakout Box Build Step By Step Video.

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    Custom Apex Breakout Box Build Step By Step Video.

    Hey everyone just wanted to share Custom Apex Breakout Box Build

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    Well done

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    I did something similar. No where near as fancy.

    I found the right cord, then soldered an 8-position terminal strip to the end.

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    Anyone have any directions on making this with a terminal block ? Just got an apex classic and I'm looking to try and make a ato. Could use some help on both the bob and ato. Thank you in advance. Just starting back up in the hobby and want to do it right the first time.

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    I enjoy making these videos and hope they will provide helpful information to better guide hobbyist. Everything you see on this channel will be my personal way of doing it. Please Enjoy and any feedback is welcomed.

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