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Thread: Upgrade advice

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    Upgrade advice

    Hi folks, so the 40b is coming along nice...but, we already see we are going to want more space. So.. we just bought a 120.

    I wanted to get some input from you guys about transferring to the new tank, cycling, etc. We have about 50lbs of seasoned live rock in the 40 now. We don't want to have to buy all new rock for the new tank, but obviously we will have to get a good bit more, at least another 40lbs or so.

    We are thinking, we can buy live rock...move most of our rock out of the 40 and leave the corals on frag racks or in the sand and maybe do a shorter "soft" cycle so we don't need to keep both tanks up as long. Or, we could buy dry rock, cure it (we should, correct?) and let the 120 run a full cycle before moving all the rock and corals from the 40.

    I'm leaning towards the first option because our living room is going to be super cramped with both tanks and I'd like to move everything sooner than later. We only have two clowns and a shrimp so the bio-load is pretty light in the 40. What do you all think? Will we have to worry about the tank hard cycling on us if we buy "new" live rock and use our existing? Any suggestions?

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    What type of rock do you currently have? Smaller dense rock or larger more porous rock that is a bit lighter? Is the 40b filled to the brim with the 50lbs you have?

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    Here is the 40, I'd say it's fairly porous

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