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Thread: Reeferb 120g

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    Reeferb 120g

    Figured I would go ahead and start a thread for the 120 upgrade. It is a standard 48x24x24 with a 40 breeder sump. Lighting will be two ecotech radion gen 3s, flow will be 2-3 mp40s (in the market for a couple if anyone is selling), skimmer is a SRO 2000int.

    So far have it filled and rockscaped, 80-90ish lbs of mixed live rock. Sump baffles are set with a nice big fuge area for LR and chaeto. Skimmer is in place, once it is ready for livestock we will move over the lights, Apex controller, GFO reactor, and ATO system.

    I'm probably forgetting things, but here is the rockscape so far:

    And the clean, empty sump 😂

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    Finished moving everything over from the 40 this week and added our new hauls from the swap. Got some awesome mini-colonies from Copps, guy knows how to frag!

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    Copps had some great stuff. If my new tank had been ready, I would have brought everything he had.

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    Really like what you have there. Got some depth. Keep the pics coming.

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    Looks great!

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    24" to the wall gives great perspective and it looks fantastic.

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    Thanks all! Got a bit of diatoms kicking now, going to focus on getting all the fish through QT and letting this all settle in and grow 😎

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    Used up a store credit and grabbed a couple new acros. This one is a fuzzy monster!

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    That is amazing looking! The texture of it is pretty wild!

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    Great looking acros!! Nice job.

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