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Thread: To Cuc or Not to Cuc...............

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    To Cuc or Not to Cuc...............

    Hey everybody, was wondering if anyone out there has had cuc's in there tanks past or present. What are your thoughts? Thinking about getting one to help clean the substrate. Thanks.

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    I have a tank that I maintain that has a few cucs. I rarely see them, but I know they are there. I think to think that the more you complete the ecosystem, the better. I think the horseshoe crab is still alive too.

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    My cud is a permanent fixture in my tank. I love seeing them do there own thing. Each has a job and works to do it.

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    The adventures of the little hermit crabs are usually fun to watch. I don't go crazy with my CUC but I restock it a bit every 1-2 years as the hermits usually die/kill each other off over time. Some of the snails I've had for years, I bought a few turbo's a year ago to deal with some red algae I had growing but other than that I don't think I've bought snails in over 4 years. They just do their thing and I think it is beneficial to have them in the tank to eat some algae and left over food that ends of laying about.

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