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Thread: New Reefer to Area

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    New Reefer to Area

    Hi all.
    Your club was recommended to me from the reef central forum.
    As I posted in that forum, I am relatively new to the area. I live about halfway between Harrisburg and State College.
    I have had aquariums of various types since about 2001 or 2002...from a 10g starter tetra tank to a 55g cichlid then turned reef tank. Due to moving from Wyoming to North Carolina I took a short hiatus from the hobby, but now that I've got my roots planted here in central PA for a while, I am getting back into reef keeping.
    I started with a pico tank (JBJ 3 gallon cubey). I also started a 10 gallon frag tank with intentions of growing corals for one or two larger tanks in my basement (probably a 55 gallon and 125 gallon). I have since converted that frag tank to another small reef tank due to water chemistry problems.
    I have family in Mechanicsburg so I frequent the Harrisburg area pretty often and hope to make some connections with fellow hobbyists.
    I look forward to participating in your forums and eventually getting involved in the club itself.

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    Welcome to PA and the club. Glad to have you.

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    Welcome to the club.

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    You found the right place. Good club with active members. There is usually some sort of "happening" every few weeks, be it a meeting or a frag swap.

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    Thank you for the warm welcome. I noticed in the forums that That Pet Place may not necessarily be the place to go for livestock or corals. Can anyone recommend some others or does everyone pretty much go online for that?
    I was going to check out Steckly's which is pretty close...their website indicated saltwater stuff but it doesn't elaborate much.

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    Steckley's in Newport? If so don't bother. What are you looking for drygoods or livestock? If corals post up, most likely someone will have a frag for you. I am in Shermans Dale, have some basic stuff for now, red cap, green cats paw, purple cats paw, Green stars, some trumpet coral.
    TFP is not what it used to be , but if you have never been there take a trip. For dry good I think you can get better deals online if you get free shipping.
    I was just at TFP two weeks ago first time in close to two years. I was given two gift cards that I wanted to use. I ended up bringing home a flame angel. They are offering a two week guarantee on fish, did not know that. So far the fish is eating and shows no sign of disease. Still has a few more week in QT though.
    Welcome aboard!
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    Welcome csbrown. Glad to see you made it over to mdreef.

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    Thank you. Glad to see lots of active people on this forum.

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    Welcome to the club! I get most of my livestock online, at frag swaps or from other MDRC members.

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    Thank you.
    What's the best online place to get fish from?
    I recently ordered a bunch of coral frags from an eBay seller of all places but would prefer to go to frag swaps in the future.
    Right now I just have about 5 or 6 different zoas, a purple acan, 2 different mushrooms, a red favia, a green brain coral, a neon trumpet, a green pocillopora, a red branching montipora and a red plate montipora, a few toadstool leathers, and some yellow polyps.
    Once I get these all settled in where I want them I will be looking for some more zoas, frog spawn, and other various LPS and SPS, or anything else that I may come across.

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