ELOS Test Kits & Additives
30% OFF Entire line of ELOS. Very limited supply, get your order in quickly before they sell out.

Ecotech's Vectra S1
We just received in our Ecotech S1's. For all of you that preordered, they are shipping out today. We still have stock left, so order now for immediate shipping.

Neptune LDK Leak Detection Kit
The LDK includes everything you need to enable your Apex to detect leaks in two locations and expandable#@!up to 4.#@!

Seapora AquaPulse Powerheads
Strong suction cup mount with adjustable angels. 3 sizes from 1320gph to 5280gph. These are very small size for the amount of water flow they produce. They offer a nice budget alternative for those that just need some water movement. Starting at only 16.99 to 32.49, you just can't beat the price. #@!

15% OFF Damage Box Special
Bubble Magus Curve 5s
Reg $209.99 SALE $178.49
2 skimmers on our pallet shipment last week arrived with the boxes torn. They are brand new, no internal damage to the skimmer, but retail box is beaten up a bit. So we are selling these two at 15% off.#@!

20% OFF
RedSea Test Kits & Refills
Red Sea's Test Kit includes high accuracy titration tests for the accurate measurement of the elements calcium, magnesium and alkalinity (KH) which are the basic foundation elements of coral skeletons.
Ends #@!9/30/2017 11:59pm at Midnight.

25% OFF VERTEX V6 Water Pump
Reg $399.99 -#@!Sale price $299.99#@!(save 100 dollars)
The V6 water pump is powered by the Askoll motor block which produces 1584 gallons per hour of water flow with a maximum#@!head pressure of 8 feet (2.5 meters).#@! At 65 watts of power this is one efficient#@!AC pump.
Ends #@!9/30/2017 11:59pm at Midnight.

Summer is almost over, now is a great time to upgrade your tanks flow with a brand new Vortech pump. For the entire month of September, enjoy 10% OFF MP10's, 15% OFF MP40's and incredible 20% OFF MP60's.#@!

35% OFF JBJ Slimline LED Fixtures
From 16" to 48", 3 sizes to choose from
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