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Thread: ICP Test Results and Thoughts

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    ICP Test Results and Thoughts

    Now that the tank issues are resolved and the tank isn’t an embarrassment, I decided to do an ICP test and get an apogee to test my par. I should be getting my Apogee tomorrow but I got my ICP results back from ATI today. I thought I would share the experience and some of the unexpected (not disastrous) results.

    I send the water to ATI last Friday and got the results in only six days. That is much faster than I expected. ATI tests your RODI water as well as two samples of your tank water. The results are easy to read and they give you recommendations. Below are links to my tank and RODI results.

    My Ca and MG are high but I already knew that and have reduced that dosing amount. No real concerns there. Iodine and Fluorine are both low and I think I am going to begin dosing Red Sea Reef Colors A since it contains both. I also purchased an iodine test kit to be safe. No other real concerns with the major or minor elements.

    Nitrate is exactly where I expected and phosphate is a little higher than my normal .02 because I fed the tank an hour before taking the sample. I have some aluminum in the tank but that is to be expected with the use of Marinepure.

    The eye opener for me was dKH and salinity. I use a Hanna Checker for dKH and Milwaukee tester for salinity. My tests said dKH should be 8.2 and salinity should be 35 PSU. Both were lower on the ICP test which is concerning. I had just calculated the Milwaukee tester but I am going to do it again tonight to see if it gives me a closer result. I also just bought a new bottle of reagent for the Hanna and hope that shows a closer result.

    The RODI test showed only high silicon. I am not sure if that is something leaching from my Brute can or if it is coming out of the unit that way. I always have a light dusting of diatoms in low flow areas, so it makes sense. I might invest in SilicaBuster DI resin based on the confirmation. I also purchase a silica test kit to see if I can figure it out on my own.

    That’s it for my thoughts. Let me know if you see anything that I missed and should consider. I hope this thread helps people considering any of these tests. Feel free to post or link your results here is you have them.

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    Salinity could swing because of the temperature the was tested perhaps? Have me curious to pick up a new test for my DKH as well. I keep mine about 8.5-9 as well, wonder if its on the money.

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