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Thread: Heater issue, what do you use?

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    Heater issue, what do you use?

    Hello all, I woke up this morning to my apex having an alarm. My new eheim jager 200w heater had condensation in the top of it and wasn

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    I live by my finnex heater controller love it!! The model is HC-810M. Then the heater is also a finnex it just plugs into the controller... got mine at I’ve been there with the failing heaters it sucks!! Good luck!!

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    I have two in my tanks just in case one fails.

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    Two heaters, that are both replaced yearly. I've had to many failures of every type of heater out there to do anything else at this point. It's my New Years tradition, I keep one of them for my water change tub and store the other for emergencies. The two year old heaters just get thrown out, seems wasteful but a lot less than one wiping my tank out because it fails or gives me another good shock.

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    I use any heater that passes the bucket temperature shut off test. BUT I also never rely on them to never fail because they all fall sooner or later. So I plug them into a separate temperature controller. I also look at the tank temp on a daily basis. I have to because my tank aren't in a good temperature controlled room. On very cold nights when it gets in the single digits, they drop down some times to 67 or more. That said I don't see any issues when they get cold but I don't like the tanks getting over 81. But I still consider myself new to the hobby even though Im able to be around my tanks all day everyday. The controllers I use are the diy type that most setups show using them for heaters and chillers but I just set both outlets up for heaters. Costs me about 30 to 35 to make them with the 8ft cord I buy.

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    This is one of the controllers.

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    Thanks everyone

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    I replace mine yearly as well. I had one stop working for some reason and my apex kept sending me alerts, it always happens when you’re out of town. The temp dropped to 74 before I was able to get ahold of my wife(had to call my son to go wake her up haha)so she could throw in our mixing bucket heater. Since then I always run two for redundancy.

    With the apex, I don’t need to worry about the overheating, This is the heartbeat of my system IMO.

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    I use a 300 watt Finnex #TH-0300S Titanium heater in my sump and apex controls it.
    From what I’ve seen and heard, Titanium is the way to go now.
    This one doesn’t have an internal thermostat and comes with just a plug on it.

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