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Thread: Williamsport High 150 gallon Peninsula Tank

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    Williamsport High 150 gallon Peninsula Tank

    Well I started this journey back September 22nd a day after my birthday with a e-mail to Larry Flint. Larry e-mailed me and said they could help with a tank for the high school at Williamsport High in Williamsport, MD. Larry is just a unbelievable great guy and I am so happy that he has given our school this opportunity. So I talked to my principal and we decided that 150 gallon would be great in the media center. We discussed all the basics and we decided on a peninsula tank that is viewable on all 3 sides. The tank really looks amazing and it will be a part of the school for a very long time. Students from our classes will be exposed to many species of fish, coral and inverts that might of never seen them before and now they will have chance to see them everyday.

    Tank Information

    150 gallon Peninsula tank with custom overflow powered by a Sicce Pump
    2 Ranco aquarium controllers that control heaters and 1/2 HP Penguin Chiller
    40 gallon sump but with 30 gallons water
    60 pounds of Fiji Pink Live Sand with 180 lbs of live rock
    SKIMS 201 internal Protein Skimmer
    Accel Bio Pellet Reactor
    BRS Dual Reactor for GFO/Carbon
    4 Mars Aqua LED's
    Tunze 6065 Powerhead and Voyager Powerhead under overflow
    APEX Lite Controller with Temperature Probe and PH Probe

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    Welcome to our club. Larry does great things for the schools.

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    It looks like a great start.

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    I love peninsula tanks. Designing one AND having it work correct from 3 sides is great planning. I can't wait to see this one take off! I wish we had ANY teacher with anything other than a few goldfish. This school gets a chunk of the ocean.

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