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Thread: First Club Meeting - 2018

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    Exclamation First Club Meeting - 2018

    I hope that everyone had a great year last year. I know that it some members has some tank issues and others had life changes and chose to leave the hobby. These people will be missed and hope they come back soon. It was a busy year by all and the club slipped into a slump as a result.

    Now we have a new year and need to get this club motivated. Remember, everyone in the club makes it what it is. It cannot function by only a few members. This past year has shown that. Thank you to those that kept posting and keeping us back seat riders entertained.

    We need to plan a club meeting to discuss where we are as a club, where we want to accomplish this year, and how we will get the club there. If it is possible for anyone to host a meeting in either February or March, please post dates below.

    It's time to get on our feet and get this moving.


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    Nicole and I could host. We did host a meeting last year but if no one volunteers, we would be more than happy to host again!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jrhaughey View Post

    Now we have a new year and need to get this club motivated.
    I am here, and though I am transitioning from one home to another I will continue to remain active.

    To any of our members, any even anyone who frequents this site. I as well as others are here to help.

    I came here to cultivate coral AND relationships with other reefkeepers in the hobby. We as a group do exponentially better than most of us will do on our own. Collectivism benefits this hobby greatly.

    I cannot offer my Home at this point, because we are in a limbo living with in-laws....which is an issue in itself. I will however commit to make every meeting this year. Ill make it my new-year's resolution.

    From an objective standpoint, last year was totally shitty for me. I am not going to even butter it up and attempt to pass it off.

    Our group here seemed to suffer from an anti-social streak. Lack of meetings, and I seemed that we missed a "coral show" in the later part of the year...perhaps I missed it in my confusion about life.....

    I think for meetings, we should plan them in advance. IF we want a meeting Ever 3 months, put out dates for the year and see what we can accomplish. We may have to re-define what it is we want to accomplish. If we don't have a target point to reach, how far could we meander before we are lost?

    I would be more than happy to help secure my union's large hall which is always up for rental should need. I am here to help as situation warrants. I know last year there was talk of officers retiring....I thought about putting my name in the hat for a position but I am so damned busy with in-real-life that I feel this group would suffer more under my direction. This year may be different, and I hope and pray for less speed bumps.

    Anything we need, Let me know. We teeter on extreme success and superb failure right now. What momentum we push out with determines our trajectory.

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    Thanks guys. I would like to plan for a day in Feb for the meeting. I would offer, but I am for away for most.

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    It has been 2 years since I have had a meeting . If we can wait until March or I will have the second meeting of the year. This will give an incentive to clean the basement!!!
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    March would be best for me. I may have a free weekend by then.
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    I will be out of town the 16th-25th of feb. In Florida the first half and Lears swap in ohio the second weekend.
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    Sundays or later in the afternoon would be better for me until mid April. I coach basketball on Saturday mornings.

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    Sunday is good for me.

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    I would love to attend. As long as it's not on a drill weekend.

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