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Thread: Any tanks for sale in lancaster area?

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    Any tanks for sale in lancaster area?

    Hey guys, second post im making. I was wondering if anyone was selling a tank in the lancaster area or knew of someone who was. I'm looking to get into the hobby and would like to get things rolling during the next week or two. I was hopping to keep my budget in check by going with a used tank. I'm looking for something with a 4ftx2ft footprint. Seems the 60 gallon or 80 gallon tank with plumbing drilled in the back would be a good option to me. Will also need a sump for this system if anyone has one of those for sale too. I can build my own stand or get one in a package deal with a tank.

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    I have a very nice Red Sea listed for sale in the for sale section.

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    Im not sure how to get to the sale sectio

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    found it. That system is a bit too much for me. looking to do a budget priced system. thanks though.

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