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    Cool New 2 the Area

    8 years of Reefing. Been through many different setups in that time. Started with a 40B and went all the way to a 220gal. Now Im down to a 75gal after my move. Over the years I have learned that the 75 is just right for me. Im on the road a lot for work and it has been a struggle to get as much automation as possible for my system. Im well on my way. Currently i have ZERO coral in my system. This will change now that the new system has been running since the beginning of May. I currently only House 2 Black Ice Clowns, and a small CUC. I was a member of a reef club in my last state, where I served on the board multiple times. Im not new to the hobby. But learn everyday. I am new to the club and would like to know the structure of this club prior to paying the membership fee. Thanks in advance and I will add my setup details in the near future. Looking forward to meeting some of you.

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    Welcome to the club! There are several members pretty close to your location. We try to have quarterly get togethers, but often skip the Summer months because of people's schedules. We also try to run at least one frag swap per year. Our last frag swap was in June at That Pet Place. The club members are spread out over a wide area, so there could be an hour or so drive to some of the get togethers. We are not a huge club, but we have several members with a lot of experience. We often sell, trade or give away frags when we get together. The frags tend to be SPS heavy, but there are occasionally some LPS and softies in the mix. That is all I can think to tell you right now. Hopefully some other members will chime in if I missed anything.

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    Welcome! Sorry about the delay, been swamped for the holidays!

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