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    Still here

    After a lot of thought about getting out of hobby due to health and family issues Iím still here. A bunch of you wouldnít let me leave. Sorry for my inactivity for the last several months but with help letís get this club active again. First thing is we need to set up a meeting somewhere. If any one wants to volunteer it would be helpful. I would have to say to shoot for March since I will be unable to make a February meeting. Anyway letís get this club rolling again. We also need to start reaching out for donations for the June swap.
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    Glad to hear that Jack. I could host a meeting if people want to come down to Baltimore. It would need to be mid April for me to host. Maybe we could do a group trip to the National Aquarium before the meeting. I am about 20 minutes north of the aquarium.

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    Welcome at my house in Hagerstown MD...

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