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    Par meter

    Does anyone have a par meter I could rent or borrow?

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    Not sure, whether it is in your price range or not but the Seneye Reef Monitor makes for a good PAR meter at a fairly reasonable price of $200. BRS did a test of PAR meters a while back and actually found that the Seneye was as accurate as the $1000+ meters were. I would recommend looking the video up if you are curious.

    I've considered picking one up but it just has not risen to the level of me wanting to spend $200 on it, maybe sometime in the future.

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    I did look at that once. Not sure I’d get all the use out of it. I was also thinking of getting a cheap Lux meter off amazon. I saw a thread where someone used one and got pretty close numbers (once they divided by 30) to the apogee meter.

    I might just end up renting one from bulk reef once one comes back in stock too.

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    The club doesn’t have one, but I contacted Jack to see what he thinks. If the officers agree, then we could get one for our members to use. We would also need to set up a system for its use and care.

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    I like that idea! Sign me up first ha

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    I rented the led one off of bulk reef. If anyone wants a quick check up with it let me know.

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