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Thread: First 2019 meeting 4/13/19 1pm Dover, Pa

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    Thank you for hosting. Very nice and clean tank. 👍

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    Was a great afternoon! Thanks everyone !

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    Dang. Guess I should check these forums more often.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nkicks1 View Post
    Was a great afternoon! Thanks everyone !
    4/13/2019 Meeting Minutes:
    The meeting was held at Brad and Linda's house in Dover where members enjoyed the various food Linda prepared and members brought. The official meeting began at 1:38 pm with six members present. A raffle was held and will be held at every meeting for members that are present, the raffle is an opportunity to give back to members as it is funded mostly through swaps and dues. Finances for the club are: Pay Pal Balance=$132.52, Saving= $25.00, and Checking= $3,643.39. The club is projected to spend $1500 for the upcoming swap. Next, Jason reported he'd like to see a running list of paid members, there are presently 49 paid members. At 2:15 pm the meeting ended and the club members proceeded to Brad's beautiful and meticulously kept tank with conversation centering around places to purchase things and fish tank stories. The meeting broke up at 3:15.
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    Jan Long

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