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Thread: First 2019 meeting 4/13/19 1pm Dover, Pa

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    Now a time ?

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    We have met in the early afternoon in the past. Itís completely up to you.

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    Let’s make it 1:00 pm then

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    Head count ?

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    I posted this on R2R in the “Local Reef Club Discussions, Mason Dixon Reef Club”... maybe we can get a few hundred to show up ��.....

    Club meeting is being held on Saturday 4/13/2019 in Dover, PA.
    We will be holding an item raffle for PAID members as a thank you for your participation!

    Details about the upcoming swap June 1st!

    Feel free to list buying or selling of frags on our official web site in the appropriate forums!

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    Iíll be there too! Too close not too ha

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    There will be snacks for everyone too, so don’t eat too much for lunch

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    Does anyone coming have any white worms I could buy, that I can start a culture with ?

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    Iím sorry we are missing it Justin ended up having to work. Hopefully we can make the next one...

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    Great meeting, and thank you to all those who attended !
    We had some really cool raffle prizes, great conversation and too much food
    It was awesome meeting you all and am looking forward to the frag swap at That Pet Place on 6/1/2019 !

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