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Thread: Presence on R2R as a club feedback

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    Presence on R2R as a club feedback

    I noticed that the club doesnít have a presence on reef2reef...
    Would we be interested in seeking up the club on that site ?
    It has been a huge help to me and may bring notice to the club by prospective members if we do.

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    Sorry, I forgot, I did find this club awhile back but seems as though no one has been using it

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    I don’t think it would be a bad idea, the club is definitely lacking presence here.

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    I think its a great idea.

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    I found an old post from Jen on R2R...
    Would this posted by her still apply to post again...

    Are you looking for a reef club in Harrisburg/Hershey/Lancaster/York PA?

    Check out Mason Dixon Reef Club at Mason Dixon Reef Club - Mason Dixon Reef Club Home

    Monthly meetings at various members houses ranging from Harrisburg/Hershey area down to northern MD. Frag trading, group buys, group growouts, selling, raffles, good food and great conversations. Also check out the website and register to have access to 24 hour chatbox and various forums.

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    Can we get this club listed on R2R as a group to join so it would show up under my avatar?
    If people here do this then it would be a step in the right direction

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    I took the initiative on contacting Shep on R2R and asked if he can add this club as a group to join

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    That was fast.....
    Shep said he’ll start the process

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