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Thread: HELP.... Who all runs on Well Water?!

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    HELP.... Who all runs on Well Water?!

    Hello all! It has been awhile since I have participated in the club. We sold our home last April and purchased a new home. During the move I relocated all my reef to my fathers house until we got settled in to our new place. So I am finally looking to set up my system up again but I am in quite a bit of a pickle. My new home is on well water. I have some traces of iron and also hard water. We had a water company come out and install a fancy water sediment filter(down to 1 micron), water softener, and a uv light. In some forums I have read that it is best to install the RODI system after all the water filtration/softening/UV but what I am concerned with is I am running Morton Water Softener Rust Defense Salt(see attached photo). I am concerned that this salt will be harmful for my system and I canít seem to find any solid information online. I am also curious if anyone else is running something similar?! Thanks for all the help.

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    That should help a bit. It seems it will actually help the membrane.

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    Everything you installed is great, especially the softener....install the RODI unit after the softener and you will be fine with that salt.
    Did that company do a well water test and that’s how you know you have hard water and just a trace of iron ?
    There’s no notates or anything else that showed up?.....if that’s the case then you’ll be fine.

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    I can’t edit my messages....I meant nitrates
    Also I don’t know what RODI unit your using, but don’t go cheap.
    Remember, a softener will not remove tds from your well water.....
    What did your test show for tds ?That would determine the level of RODI unit you need and the goal is to shoot for 0 tds.
    My tds is about 375, and I use a brs 7stage water saver....I chose the brs model because of being able to replace the specific media that depletes faster than the other one, thus saving me money.

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    I am on well water, and am in a very similar situation. We have been tested in the past and had trace amounts of iron, and is neutral on the PH scale. We never had a particle filter at all. We also had a salt softening system, and I ran my RO filter from a branch prior to the softener. However, the old system failed, and we removed it. Since we did that, the water tastes better and there is less problems with any of our fixtures getting caked up with mineral deposits. I am certain that the system was just dumping salt in massive amounts into the domestic water side. I have "tested" my water using my Hydrometer and it doesn't even move the needle.

    However, this is where I do things wrong. I stopped caring about filtering my water totally. I only have a small 40g, and do 10 gallon bi-weekly wc. Since removing the softening system, I quit filtering my water totally. I go straight from the faucet in the kitchen to the mixing buckets. As it stands right now, my lps look amazing and are growing faster than I have ever seen. I know that I documented a "crash" a few months ago, and I did find out that it was user error. I can say that I added too much vinegar to my system top-off. I am moderately pissed with myself still, but it is what it is. I am not suggesting anyone do what I do, but I do it because I gave up caring. Some days I wish I would get rid of everything, but I know I would miss it. My fish tank and I are basically in a loveless marriage.

    When filtering the water, you may get the most mileage out of adding your RO/DI after the particulate filter, but before the softening system. This is just my opinion.
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