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Thread: MDRC Annual Summer Swap June 1st 2019!

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    MDRC Annual Summer Swap June 1st 2019!

    Please be sure to follow and attend the Facebook group event!

    Click HERE to open above link!

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    I don't have facebook, but I will be there and will be early. I don't know who did the graphic for the Swap, but they did a really nice job! I will be taking this over to and putting it in the announcements area.

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    I have a few 2 gallon-ish Syro coolers w/lids that I will be bringing along. We can give them to any shoppers/swappers who want/need them. I will probably have 5-6 of them by that point, and have no use for them. I really think that the unprepared shopper may want to have one for their ride home.
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    Thanks for the share on reef sanctuary.

    I did the graphic! Thanks for feedback.

    Appreciate any help early!

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    Quote Originally Posted by nkicks1 View Post
    Appreciate any help early!
    I have always enjoyed coming early and helping the vendors get their things in. These people are part of what makes these things special, and they already did so much work to get their supplies loaded up. I like to think that I can do a bit of heavy lifting for their sake, and represent the group that way. I want no part in any of the business side of the venture, and have utmost respect for all of our members and all the help they do. There are lots of gears in a clock, and they all work together to keep an accurate time. This hobby and this group has helped me quite a bit over the years in big and small ways. Its the least I can do.

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    I took the liberty of Just posting this on R2R....

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    We are planning on making it. Looking forward to it.

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    Do you guys need any logistics or physical labor type of help getting ready for the swap ?

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    There is not that much to do until the day of. If you want to provide some suggestions for additional raffle items, that would help.

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    We are looking for help during the swap. This includes registration, raffle tickets sales, organizing raffle items, and general logistics.

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    I'll be there all day . And willing to help with any thing .

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