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Thread: Microscope for reef tank

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    Microscope for reef tank

    Did a lot of researching and asking others their opinions and here is what I just purchased to look at all the microscopic life in my tank;

    I separated my wants and needs.
    Decided that I didnít need a Trinocular scope, mountable camera, software, computer, lcd screen, usb3 for faster blah, blah, blah...

    Iíll take pics with my cell phone held up to one of the eyepieces, like I always have with my 80 year old microscope Iím about to mothball

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    i dont know the first thing about to purchase here, but interested in results.

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    Just got it about 30 minutes ago...I’ll post some things I look at then

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    I received my microscope yesterday and got to play with it a bit to look at my phyto culture that has been split several times now.
    After taking great pains to find which one would be the best for what I want to see in my little saltwater world without breaking the bank, this is the one I went with;

    Here are some pics of the phytoplankton I’m currently culturing and splitting that was harvested on 5/15/19 (just used the last of that batch from the fridge)
    All pics were taken with my iPhone looking through one of the stereo eyepieces.
    The 2000X one was viewed with immersion oil;

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    Very neat aspect of the hobby that you see very little of.

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