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Thread: Started a planted tank for fun

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    Started a planted tank for fun

    I have been working a little at a time on this one.

    Slowly got rid of the stone substrate and now have 50# of Black Diamond blasting media (Coal slag for sand blasting applications. $8.00 @ Tractor Supply)

    Replaced canister filter bio star media with Seachem Matrix.

    Added Java moss between 2 layers of “Gutter Guard” And sewed closed with fishing line to grow a carpet over the entire bottom of substrate.

    Added Mopani branches and wood after boiling them once and letting them soak for a week.
    Tied them together with Ty-Raps and weighted them down with fishing line to a stone.
    I’m wanting to let the Mopani wood bring the ph down naturally while also leeching some tannin to color the water a bit like a light tea color for a more natural look.

    Added some low light plants and attached to the wood.
    Will take some Java Moss later and attach to some wood to make trees and overhangs.

    Started dosing “Thrive C” once a week for fertilizer and doing a 30% water change once a week.

    I’m using softened water with a ph of 8.3 and topping off evaporation with RODI water
    Gh = 6
    KH = 9
    PH = 7.5

    Am still experimenting with mixing my tap water with rodi I make for my reef tank to het the right ph, go and kh.

    Just finished setting up my CO2 system:
    1-30# tank of CO2 I got from my shop that we use for our CO2 lift.
    1-CO2 Art, Dual Stage regulator, Solenoid valve, needle valve and bubble counter.
    1-Micro CO2 diffuser on tank bottom near the filter intake.
    1-Pinpoint Ph controller set up to energize the CO2 solenoid valve to diffuse and lower the ph to my set point of 6.8 and also turn on an air stone to raise the PH if needed.
    This will run 24/7.

    1-CO2 glass drop checker mounted inside the tank near the filter return.
    Added stainless steel Lilly pipes for canister filter in and out to tank with surface skimmer function.
    (Still need to put the outlet pipe on yet)

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    The link doesn’t work for me, but it sounds awesome.

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