We finally got the Clubs presence on Reef2Reef.com to be a real thing....This a a good thing.
There is already a public club group there for us that was started a couple years ago and will remain active.
Now there is a Private club group and posts can only be seen by the members that we allow to join it !

If you are an existing member of R2R, just shoot me a message here with your R2R username (or on R2R...My username there is Brad Miller) and we can add you to the club group so you can get the really cool club banner under your profile pic when you post something !

We’re hoping that the club banner under our names will help are others more aware of the club.

If you’re not currently a member of R2R, please consider joining for free (A wealth of reefing knowledge from the most popular and active forum in the world) create an account and message me that you want to join the group and I’ll have you added.

The joining process will be automatically done in the near future, such that someone can go to club page and request to join, then when we approve that person, they will then have access.

The R2R page is located at;