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Thread: Saltwater Aquarium Livestock & Dry Goods/Equipment

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    Saltwater Aquarium Livestock & Dry Goods/Equipment

    Shutting tank down. Deep discount on live coral. Please inquiry for more photos. Fish are Yellow Watchman Goby and Talbot's Damsel (peaceful).

    Pricing varies, please ask.

    Equipment includes Tunze 9004 Skimmer
    Hydor Koralia 600
    Unopened 160g bucket Reef Crystals
    Unopened Caribsea Mineral Refugium Mud
    Unopened Caribsea 20lb Bimini Pink sand

    Large pieces of Live Rock available

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    All corals & fish are sold.
    There's Live Rock available along with the sand. Also still for sale are the skimmer, Koralia, and mineral mud.

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