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    So I was watching csi with the wife. The victim fell into a box jelly fish coral tank. They decided that the corals might have absorbed some evidence. So they each get hammers and chisels and start laboring away to break a tip off of a bleached acro piece and they they pull out a piece of sequins from a dress.

    The whole sequence of events had me laughing my butt off. The whole cgi box jellyfish in a fake reef tank was too much. I also wish my frags would grow over a big piece of sequins in two days.

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    :woohoo: I think I just saw that episode!

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    I saw the same episode and was appalled with the hammers - I laughed out loud too. Just want my corals to just live not get wrapped up in sequins.... no need to dress them up.. Unless sequins are a good diet for them???

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    I know I'm a little late...but just a heads up, Mike seriously looks forward to the "line" and then the yell. We try to come up with imitations all the time.

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