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Thread: What Online Games Do You Play?

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    Re:What Online Games Do You Play?

    XBOX 360-CODMW2, Gears of War 2, soon to be playing black ops

    GT: STr0NGM4N 1

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    Re:What Online Games Do You Play?

    JungliztKruger wrote:
    gilmour01 wrote:
    i've got an imac. i gave up on PCs after my last system crashed. the only downside is the lack of gaming...unless i run boot camp which i havent messed with yet.
    valve just released steam for mac! well about a month or two ago. Its free! all kinds of software is now ported for the mac.

    I'm a WOW player (thats how I met my fiance and subsequently ended up moving here)

    I'm big on Modern warfare on the 360 and pretty much any PC title made by Blizzard
    i'll have to look into steam. i've got MW3 for the 360, but i havent really played it yet. i figure i'll get into it this winter. i have an aversion to the cold, so i tend to game a lot during the winter months lol.

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    Re:What Online Games Do You Play?

    Im and assassins creed fan now that game is awesome

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