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Thread: Using Pics in forums

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    Using Pics in forums

    I would like to use some pictures. I saw a post stating that you can upload pics that are under 800x800 resolution and under 1mb. It appears that all of my pics are a little over 1mb. Is there a program or way to reduce these pics? Also how can I tell or resize the 800 x 800 resolution?


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    Re:Using Pics in forums

    I'm having the same problem. My camera has a feature that allows me to take small size pictures but when I do that the quality really sucks.

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    Re:Using Pics in forums

    Mike told me to go to photobucket and login I then uploaded the pics I wanted to post. After you load them at the bottom of the pic is where you highlight and copy then paste in your forum thread. It resizes it for you. If I can make it work I know you can. Photobucket is free. Try it

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    Re:Using Pics in forums

    I'll have to try that. Thanks Lanie.

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    Re:Using Pics in forums

    once you upload them to photobucket they will be compressed. when you want to add the pics, highlight the direct link under the picture. then in the Boardcode section above the text box (on the reply to thread page) click on the 2nd icon from the right (computer screen and a rectangular thing below it). Paste your direct link in the box provided, then put your text cursor where you want the pic and click insert. Now lets see some pics

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    Re:Using Pics in forums

    yes we need more pics!

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    Re:Using Pics in forums

    I use IRFANVIEW to convert. It has a "batch" mode to do multiple pictures at the same time. You can specify the resolution as well as the maximum size for each photo.

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    Re:Using Pics in forums

    Yeah the 1mb 800 x 800 helps keep the website size down. Photobucket is probably the easiest to use. Also like Jeff said, irfanview is a good program for resizing pics.

    If you use photobucket, you won't have to deal with any resizing though.

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    Re:Using Pics in forums

    I used photobucket for the first time to post my tank pics here and it was really easy to use.

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