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Thread: My Hammer, after 1 year

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    My Hammer, after 1 year

    I got this frag a year ago...

    It has shown good growth... but the tentacles seem thinner, and more pinkish (less brown) than when I got it...

    Think it's too much light? I'd like to get the tentacles to expand better, and get better color. Right now it's mid tank as you can see in this shot...

    Tank is 120g. I have 6x54W T5 lighting.

    Front to back lights:
    Blue +
    Purple +
    Blue +
    Aquablue Special
    Blue +
    Blue +

    The two Blue + in the rear are on 2pm to 11pm
    All 6 bulbs are on 3:30pm to 9:30pm.

    Do you think I should change the placement of the hammer or adjust my lighting?

    And water parms...
    sg 1.025
    Alk 8.3dkh
    Ca 420ppm
    Mg 1520ppm
    Amm/NO2 - 0ppm
    NO3 - Trace (less than 5ppm)
    PO4 - undetectable


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    i can't keep em alive.......yet my bubble tip is doing great

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    Hammer corals don't require a ton of light or flow, and I believe your lighting is more than sufficient to sustain LPS. In my tank, also a 120, I place my hammer corals on the sand; my lighting is 2x250MH & 4x54 T5's. As to flow, my hammers enjoy lower flow and really extend in a gentle erratic flow. I'd suggest toying with its location and moving it out of direct flow from your power heads. Based upon the lighting your tank has, you shouldn't encounter a level where it would suffer from lack of light. Just don't place it in a shaded area caused by your live rock.

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    1,015're tank is probably a tad to clean for their liking :-) I have a lot of LPS but used to have a ton before I lost a lot during our move....some of my hammer and frogspawn I would be fragging constantly, but if you're tank is to clean they don't like it. By the way, I also used the exact light configuration you have right now. I have since moved to MH/T5 but your lights are fine.

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    You may have too much flow, I see 4 power heads plus the returns

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    I got some from jen (thank you very much) and placed one on my rocks and two on the sand bed. The two on the sand bed have tripled in size. One on the rocks grows slower and gets more flow. I hardly ever feed em' and the one frog spawn is on
    If anyone wants to trade some frags let me know. I'm in the Carlisle Pa area.

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    I have one 3/4 up on the rock wall and three on the bottom sand. The one 3/4 up gets more flow and light and has 1/4 of the growth as the ones down low. And I believe I got two from Jen. They are doing great! Thanks

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