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    I noticed this morning before I left for work 1 of my head of hammer had brown jelly disease and pretty much was gone. anyone know of any remedies for what I can use to solve this problem never seen it before did some reading but I'm looking for a group opinion

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    I had a Duncan colony get BJD and all I did was pulled it out and rinse I'd off in tank water in a bucket every few days and I only lost half the colony. I will ad that I have several other types of LPS in the tank and nothing else had shown any signs while the Duncan's were infected.

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    I would probably just add a little iodine to that wash. Stop by and I'll give you some extra I have.

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    Ok cool I think im going to do larger w/c. then previously was thinking what's your opinion on the amount of water change to do max on 150

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    My recommendation is to cut out the infected area asap and save the bulk of the coral. It can spread from one coral to another by close proximity. If the mother gets it quickly snip the portions that have it and throw them away. It can spread very rapidly within a 24 hour period over one coral or by being touched by other corals. It chewed thru a softball size green bird nest and poco of mine in 48 hours down to just the skeleton left. I actually left it run it's course because I wanted to observe the disease. It had only one small portion touching each other and that is exactly where it transferred for me.
    Just my opionion.

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