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Thread: Pectinia Coral

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    Pectinia Coral

    I have a gold strip maroon clown he is hosting in my pectinia coral. Will this bother it? Ive had many different types of coral through the years first pectinia.

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    Re:Pectinia Coral

    Since it is an lps, it be ok with it. Keep an eye on it and make sure she doesn't damage the skin on it. Also make sure it stays inflated looking. If the skin gets tight looking try moving the coral and give her an alternative to host in.

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    Re:Pectinia Coral

    Welcome to the club! I had a pectinia and would love a pic of yours. Post some pics. And again welcome.

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    Re:Pectinia Coral

    Been out for a while thanks for the replies pectinia seems to be doing fine but the clownfish is now getting to be aggressive towards the yellow gorgonian I have in close range of the pectinia coral going to lfs tonight to get a bubble tip to see if he will host in it. Tried to post pics isnt letting me do so I will try again.

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    Re:Pectinia Coral

    Got a bubble tip clown took a few days but now is hosting in it.
    Again thanks to everyone.

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