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Thread: Open Brain Coral emergency

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    did you test the salinity of the water that came in the bag with the coral. If for say KOC salinity is 1.018 and yours is 1.024 you would need to drip acclimate until it balanced out. Which could take a few hours.

    It looks like the coral was not in the best shape from transit and then shocked going into another new environment.

    Only bad things happen fast in a reef tank. Good things take time.

    from past experience most pet stores keep a very low salinity. Makes it harder for ick to grow.

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    Hey everyone,

    Sorry I havent gotten back to everyone soon. I was really busy with the expected has happened. The coral is now dead. I did do what you guys had recommended and checked my parameters on 2/20. My Calcium was at 500, dKh was at 9, and Magnesium was at 1300 (I added some after seeing that it was a little low). My phosphates and nitrates were showing as 0 as well.


    I did not have any of the information from KOC related to this piece. From what I can remember I do not believe it was full inflated in their display but it did appear to be healthy. It is quite possible they could have just gotten it in. They did send out a notificiation the day before I went that they got a new shipment in.

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    Sorry to hear it did not make it. I think unrelated but IMO your calicium is high. Not to many ocean calcium levels are that high. It could be as simple as too much stress for the coral in a number of transitions.

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    I think it was beat up in transit.

    I have let my tank go in the last two years and mine has been through a lot of fluctuations and is still kicking.

    Having a kid kicks everything to the back

    These are pretty hardy once they get established.

    Its a chance we all take if its not captive raised or club member bought. I like to try and get most of my corals from members besides the ones I bring back from the NY stores.

    The NY stores are for some reason I have found to be cheaper on reef corals etc. Guess its just because there is more competition for stores.

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